Containment Berms

Extreme COld Protection

Alaska Winter Fronts

Protect your vehicle and fleet from harsh Alaska winter condition and ensure your operation runs smoothly all winter. . Made with durable materials, our winter front grill covers will keep your engine safe from snow, ice, and debris.

EST. 1947

75 Years Serving Alaska

For three quarters of a century Alaska Tent and Tarp has provided industrial solutions from Valdez to Prudhoe, and TundraTech Alaska looks forward to carrying on the legacy of serving the unique needs of Alaskan industry.



Industrial Insulation

Arctic Grade Bags

Covering Alaska For 75 Years

The Evolution Of TundraTech Alaska


At 17 Vern Johnson came to Alaska with nothing but a 5th-grade education and a dream. He worked as a trapper and traveled in and out of Fairbanks by dog team on trading expeditions to Alaskan Native villages. One of his stock trading items was rabbit snares…. and that earned him his Alaska moniker, “Rabbit Snare” Johnson.

TundraTech Alaska has always been my go too for liners. I have worked with Kelly Dart for many years, she has always been outstanding to work with and has always come through on short deadlines.