DEF Tank Covers

DEF Tank Covers

Insulated covers on equipment drastically improve cold start performance, reduces pre-heat time, and protect against dirt, moisture, and debris.

Protect Your Diesel Vehicles From Extreme Temperatures

TundraTech Def Tank covers aid in keeping the urea fluid in a 100% liquid state and allows the fluid to regenerate at the correct temperature. Without this cover, the extreme cold may cause the urea fluid to regenerate improperly causing holes in the DPS filter to start to clog resulting in loss of engine power.

Cold Crack Free Material

Reflects Heat Back In

Deflects Cold Air Out

We offer three sizes of DEF tank covers: 9", 17", and 26"

Our insulated covers have a flap that allows access to the fill cap. The cover has a Velcro opening on the side for easy installation and a web strap in the back to secure the cover. We include a "DO NOT STEP" sign on the top of the cover.