Vehicle & Equipment Grill Covers

Vehicle & Equipment Grill Covers

Winter Front Grill Covers help keep the operating temperature of your engine warmer while also protecting your grill from rocks and other road debris. We carry patterns for popular truck models and can custom fit grill covers as needed.

Keep Your Vehicle Warm & Grill Protected

Getting a winter front grill cover manufactured and installed on your vehicle is quick and easy. We carry a large stock of patterns for common truck models and can custom manufacture any kind that is not in-stock. Installations for heavy equipment can be done at your place of business or facility.

-65°F Cold Crack Material

Reflects Heat Back In

Freeze/Debris Protection


TundraTech manufactures grill covers for any size vehicle including cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment. Our winter front grill covers are made from heavy-duty black vinyl material with a cold-crack temperature of -65°F, and are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. For added insulation and attractiveness, we offer a quilted winter front made with foam and Reflectix®, which reflects heat from the engine back into the engine compartment.


Summer front grill covers; commonly referred to as bug screens are also available. Summer grill covers protect your radiator from insects, rocks, and road debris in the summer months while the winter front cover is not necessary.