Snow Removal Tarps
Snow Removal Tarps

Snow Removal Tarps

Sale price$599.00
Style:Economy 20'x20'

Clear Snow Off Flat Roofs and Construction Sites in Minutes

TundraTech Alaska's snow removal tarps offer a fast and efficient way to remove snow from flat roofs and construction sites. Simply attach the built-in loops or rings to a crane or lift, and the entire tarp can be lifted, clearing away snow quickly. This eliminates manual shoveling, ensures a safe work environment, and prevents damage to buildings and roof collapse due to heavy snow loads.

Choose Between Two Durable Options:

  • 20'x20' Economy Tarp: This is a cost-effective solution for smaller areas.
  • 25'x25' Premium Tarp with Extra Support Straps: This larger tarp provides additional strength and features reinforcement straps that prevent snow from falling out the sides during removal, making it ideal for bigger jobs.

Proudly made in our Fairbanks, Alaska facility, specifically designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions.