Quonset Structures

Quonset Structures

The frame for the Quonset style portable building is constructed from 1-inch square galvanized steel tubing for added durability and can be outfitted with a stove jack, allowing for the installation of a stove for heat inside the building.

Portable Shelters For Remote Worksites

The versatility of using a stove makes the Quonset style portable structure great for crew tents, mess halls, and equipment storage in the harshest Alaskan conditions. These buildings range from 4 feet to 12 feet wide and can be built to any length.

Custom Worksite Shelters

The Quonset-style portable building can be customized to meet your specific need:

Zippered Man Door
Zippered Man Door W/ Screen
Zippered Garage Door
Framed Door W/ Glass Window and Screen