Geomembrane Pit Liners

The team at TundraTech brings over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and installing arctic-grade environmental containment solutions. We have the experience and expertise to ensure you get the right liner for the job.

Arctic Grade Environmental Containment

TundraTech designs, manufactures, and distributes industrial geomembrane liners for use in the most extreme arctic conditions. From wastewater containment to drill site environmental protection, we have the experience and materials to keep your worksite protected.

Seaman Corporation

The Best Materials For Your Job

Geomembrane Selection is based on the composition of the substance to be contained. Common material types from Seaman Corp include 8218 LTA, 8228 ORLTA,  XR5, and XR5 ULT. Each of these materials has a cold crack temperature that is suitable for most arctic applications. Let our team help you determine which material is best to fit your needs.

We have the expertise and experience to ensure that you receive the proper environmental containment liner for your job site.

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